Stainless Laundry Service - Stainless Laundry Service
Modern Laundromats
SLS Modern Laundromat is located on the corner of Main Road and Commercial Road opposite McDonalds restaurant. 
The laundromat is walking distance to Seaford Shopping Centre.  
Access is from Tiffany Street which runs North / South from Main Road at Seaford.
The laundromat was refurbished in June 2010.
It contains stainless steel, commercial, washing machines and dryers.
The washing machines add liquid detergent and have a wash cycle of 25 minutes. The stainless steel commercial dryers are gas powered and have three temperature settings.
Seaford Laundromat also contains "Aussie Wash" machines which are suitable for smaller loads.
A change machine is available on-site for convenience.
The laundromat is cleaned daily and security monitored.
The laundromat also contains one washing machine suitable for pet blankets (not horse blankets).
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